Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Question 5

How did we attract our target audience?

Our targeted distributed for this film is Warp films. Warp films have previously produced thrillers, horrors and crime film, this already gives us a pre-sold audience to market our film at under the independent film company of Warp films. 

How did we address our audience?

In the film our main character is 17 years old and the other character is late 30's even though above the age of 30 is in our target audience racket it doesn't matter as the character suits being that age. All three characters are of white backgrounds this does show a lack of of representation of ethnicity, however the film does not focus on this therefore isn't really of much concern. The film relies more on the actual film of the run away and the mystery of to the chase in the first place. Also the danger of cars on the road. 

The film has a thinking factor challenging the audience to think why the chase is occurring in the first place, the audience must have a wide imagination to take in all the possible reasons for the main character 'sam' to running away. This will hopefully be a factor in increasing the popularity of the film.  

Ultimately we produced an action thriller that would appeal to an audience of people aged between 15-30. By appealing to the audience with a popular genre and an audience of the middle class using the distributer Warp Films. By doing this we should attract a good audience due to Warp Films producing similar films in the past so the audience roughly know what they are going to be viewing when they watch the film. 

We addressed this by having characters in the film of a similar age to the audience and then a middle aged character so the film could potentially attract an audience of the older generation. Clearly the film story is not explained to the audience so it adds mystery to the film and also depth and thought. The final part ends with a bit of shock and an unexpected conclusion. 

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