Monday, 21 October 2013


DJANGO Unchained was produced in 2012 and was set in the year 1858, it is aimed at an audience of those over the age of 18 who like gory action packed films. Before the sequence begins the production company Columbia Pictures is shown on screen. It is displayed as if the film was produced in the age the film was set by using old fashion text and colours almost identical to the ones used in the original film. The same effect is given to the credits in the opening sequence using bold red and an old fashion text style. This is because the film is trying to portray the original film Django produced in 1966. The music is also the same music used in the original film.

The sequence shows the audience that the film evolves around slavery as 2 white men ride on horseback whilst they shepherd over black men chained together walking on foot. The men on horse look clean and healthy whereas the men walking look unclean and unhealthy and assaulted showing slavery. Throughout the sequence the slaves are constantly walking no matter what the weather and the terrain ahead, displaying that they are slaves. Amongst those slaves is Django awaiting to be unchained.

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