Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Why have I created a blog?

The purpose of my blog is to show all my ideas, thoughts and opinions and post them on my blog whenever, wherever I want to and need to, to do with the task I have been set.

The Blog I have created for the task that has been set  for me to create and produce a 2 minute long (maximum)opening sequence to a film. I will do this by comparing it to others that have been created to a good standard, and gather information and use it as inspiration to create my very own sequence.

The reason I have made a blog is so that I have somewhere where I can put all my work in one place so that its organised and recognisable for all of my ideas for my project and a space where I am also enabled to upload different types of media which I have looked at, analysed and gathered inspiration from.

Having this blog is going to help me gather as much information as possible and help inspire my creation of an opening sequence. While I make the film I will be able to refer back to my blog which will include all of the inspiration I have collected over the year.

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