Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Zombieland is an American zombie comedy released in 2009. The opening sequence consists of a few of the rules to follow when in zombieland, narrated to the viewers by one of the characters in the film. After that the credits role through, with slow-motion short clips of random and different circumstances that show that zombies are everywhere in zombieland. Also the sequence tells the audience that zombieland is in fact the entire Earth. The short clips show the struggles of those few normal human beings and there struggle to escape and survive against the undead.

The slow-motion camera is very effectively used in this opening sequence; it shows the emotions of the characters. The panic and desperation of the few human survivors either being chased, shooting at zombies or being attacked by zombies. The music used is suits the opening sequence and works well with the slow-motion scenes showing the effect of madness, mayhem and rush of zombieland. The first credit shows the production company Colombia Pictures. The target audience for this film would be those who like gory comedy’s and comedy’s in general and those who like zombie films.

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